Directions Weight Management does not sell fad diets, magic mixes, pills or a one-size-fits-all approach. We teach a set of skills based on a belief that you can improve your choices to achieve your long-term individual health goals and to live a healthier lifestyle. My approach focuses on your unique short-term actions you can take to manage your health. During each phase of our partnership there will be multiple daily reminders shared with you via phone call and/or text to help maintain focus and accountability. The length of our work together is highly dependent on how well you adhere to the plans we have established together. The program length can be catered to your unique needs and can vary based on those needs. Aside from learning to better manage your weight, our daily individualized contact with you will enable you to increase your management of other issues like hypertension, cardiovascular disease and/or risk, type 2 diabetes, and hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol).

OUR SERVICES ARE NOT GEOGRAPHICALLY-BASED. That means you can access us even if you're out of state or out of town.

  • Phase 1


    Diet & Activity Log Design and Formulation

    Individualized Approach

    During the first visit we will take body measurements and calculate your BMI. Your first four weeks will also consist of exercises that focus on tracking your food intake and daily physical activity. You will learn to utilize web-based or phone apps to enter and track food intake as well as calorie expenditure. Clients will begin to see changes during these initial weeks.

  • Phase 2


    Use of web-based/phone dietary tracking apps Goal Setting

    Goals and Education

    The secondary portion of the program is where we establish realistic goals that are short and long-term. We will begin to enter food into tracking apps. In this phase there is much exploring and modifying food choices based upon trial and error. This is usually where clients begin to exceed calorie targets thus allowing the introduction of exercise as means to control calorie excess. We will also explore and challenge beliefs about lifestyle as it relates to food choices and daily activity. Phase 2 is the longest phase as there are many changes that occur here.

  • Phase 3

    Maintaining and monitoring progress toward goals


    The last few weeks in the program are the most important. At this point we are able to have a realistic view of the obstacles that have been faced in the preceding weeks and create lasting action plans to address a lifelong success in maintaining a healthier diet. Clients will demonstrate the following: consistent use of meal planning, the ability to gather and use recipes that are more nutritionally sound, and show that exercise is used to control excess calorie intake.


Payment Options:

Payments options are flexible. We can discuss these options during our initial consultation.

Here is a Medical Necessity Letter to provide to your primary care physician (PCP)


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