38 year old, insurance adjuster

"This was not like walking in and making an order..."

71 years old, retired teacher

"Learning the things Erik has taught me has dramatically improved my life. I've learned what it takes to maintain my health and avoid worsening my physical conditions."

35 years old, graphic designer

"I'm able to walk and exercise longer, my body measurements are going down, my weight is decreasing, I've gained the ability, willingness, and motivation to choose healthier foods, gained knowledge and skill of cooking my own meals as opposed to eating out, gained the knowledge of knowing which foods supply which nutrients, gained a better understanding and management of calorie intake, I'm able to feel how good my body feels after walking exercise, my craving has decreased for unhealthy foods, I am able to eat smaller amounts and feel satisfied, I have begun to crave walking and do exercise, I'm able to pick out healthier food options when shopping, I've gained the knowledge and skill of scheduling and planning meals, I'm learning to eat more healthy and not feel guilty, I have been able to motivate myself to walk, , I've learned how sleep effects diet, I've made a habit of getting up out of my chair more often while working, I've learned what my thoughts are that drive my dietary behavior, I have been able to take more initiative, I've learned the decisional points prior to going to eat out in order to maintain control over my food choices, I've decreased my soda intake, I've increased water intake, I've increased my vegetable intake, and I've learned the benefits of scheduling meals and activity using reminders on phone/calendar."

35 years old, Married Mother2

Working with Erik has been a great experience!!! I have been working with Erik, my coach, for the last 2 months. Like many I was initially skeptical about working with a coach because I was not sure how motivated and engaged I would remain to see my work through. Responsibility is one of my greatest strengths so I was therefore fearful of disappointing both myself and my coach. His daily encouragement and guidance however helped provide me with the support I needed to address common barriers and face my fears head on. By exploring past goals, previous setbacks and prior successes we found a way to create a goal that was manageable, realistic, and easy to obtain. I was able to text Erik daily if needed as well as meet with him weekly where I was offered support and accountability. Erik's enthusiasm in celebrating my successes as well as helping me realize the value in giving myself a pat on the back when positive changes have been made. Since I began working with him I have lost weight, inches from my waist, and my cholesterol is back to normal. I feel healthier, energetic, and ready to conquer more. Thank you Erik for helping me jump-start my health and well-being journey!"